Fly Me to the Moon

More often than not, the purpose of a photo in a post is to augment or to further illustrate the words and thoughts of the author.
Not this time, however. Whatever words I come up with would fall pitifully short in keeping up with the beauty of this particular instant captured in bits and bites.
I was driving out for lunch with a friend on a Thursday afternoon heading to the village Kamsieh. Pulling out of a tight climbing curve to the left, my peripheral vision registered the vapor trails of a high flying jet. I have already written that this particular apparition magnetizes and takes hold of me. The moon, a rock I always dreamt of visiting but have accepted the futility of my dream, was up ahead in the path of the magnificent machine. I slowed down as I perfectly knew that I only had a few seconds to get my shot. I pulled over to the shoulder amid the questioning stares of my companion. I took out my digital camera from the cup hole stepping out of the car in the bright daylight and fired at the blue sky. It was too bright to decipher the outcome on the view screen of my Canon. I brought my arm down to take in the whole sky and the piercing white lance with my own eyes. My friend, too, disembarked from the car, took off his sunglasses and stared in awe.
I shouldn’t write anymore, there’s no point.

Click photo for 1280x960 resolution


The Syrian Brit said…
What a fantastic picture..
You're right.. there is no point in saying any more!..
GraY FoX said…
Salam , w Ya salam

acutally you should have went on speaking cuz words made the shot even prettier ;)
i honestly wish you one of four :
1- to become a billionaire and afford such a journey
2- to become a NASA's high-ranked astronaut
3- Win ( Make Your Dreams Come True With Oprah ) lottery
4- have an out of body experience, and taking off towards the moon :)
either ways, please dont forget to send us pretty moonly postcards
Dubai Jazz said…
"when the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie that's Amore!"
Great photo!
Black Hawk said…
Great shot! leads t great minds
made the effort after destroying their mental get goals true!
..anyway..the conclusion should be:
"a great God!" "Allah"
...that was the word of mine ! my comment about the wonderful pic...!

by the way :-)...indeed if u want this journey t the moon..
me and the readers will advice :

"sell this pic and u will get the money u should need..!:-)"

Awesome as usual dear Abufares!
Robin said…
No words, only awe.
Unknown said…
that's a beautiful picture Abufares. Worth stopping the car, that's for sure.
Anonymous said…

Also, that is what living on the Syrian coast gets you: clear blue skies (try catching a shot like that through the haze of grey/black smog!), time and inclination to stop and smell the roses, and good eyesight even at your age:)

Enjoy...on behalf of us (the earth/desert/city bound) all my friend...!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful. You're really a man of many talents.
nzm said…
Excellent shot!

You should crop the image so that it's long and skinny which will emphasise the jet trail even more.

Perfect timing - a second later and the position of the jet in relation to the moon would have been gone.
Angel said…
I'm speechless...
Amazing!!! …Absolutely stunning!
Great capture, at right instant…
Abufares said…
Hello all of you my dear friends
It was a great moment for sure but I was certainly lucky to both having the chance of seeing it with my own eyes and being able to click my camera (in auto mode) in the right instant.
Thank you all for the nice words.
Welcome on my blog NZM.
Karin said…
That picture is FANTASTIC!! You certainly shot it at the right second ... a true work of art!!
Abufares said…
Hi Karin
The moment was overwhelming in its simplicity and beauty.
Thank you for passing by.
Fenella said…
Oh!!!!! (positively speechless)
Abufares said…
Oh Fenella...
we should've been on that plane... going anywhere if not to the moon.

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