Farewell to Ramadan

The moon of Ramadan has reached its fourth and final quarter. Seven or eight more days then it's gone. Another year has passed for me. I feel the passage of time with the departure of Ramadan. Every evening, after the Isha prayer, the loudspeakers on the minarets of Tartous blast with farewell songs to the holy month.
Then, one neighborhood at a time during the last ten days or so, a group of young men roam the streets at around 2:00 in the morning, singing in unity with the beating of a drum, the songs we've memorized since we were little kids.
So long Ramadan!


Anonymous said…
Yeah Abu Fares, another Ramadan has gone by, this is the fourth Ramdan in a row I am spending away from home. I hope this won't be the case next year. Inshallah with my current plan of repatriation, I would be able to meet the Mousaher next year and tell him how much I missed him!
Karin said…
This happens at TWO IN THE MORNING??? My goodness ... that would be REAL interesting to experience once! I can imagine it is a very special atmosphere though ...

I tell you - what I so much LOVE on Ramadan - and I can even feel this here in Munich when I'm at the mosque ... there is an incredible feeling of togetherness, of helping one another, of friendliness, brother/sisterhood ... I try to find the fitting words but guess, you grasp what I mean. Needless to say this is UNKNOWN of here in Germany - at least to this extent!

Give the guys my very warm regards from Munich!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us - for me it is a FIRST - I had never heard about that even before!!
Unknown said…
I still remember how much I dreaded the end of Ramadan. All the wonderful rituals come to a complete stop, and we had wait a whole year before we could experience the wonderful month again.

I don't feel Ramadan here in any way. Ramadan, and both eids come and go unnoticed. The eid usually falls on weekdays, and no one can afford a few hours to celebrate it the way we used to.

Thanks for the videos Abu Fares, I can honestly say that your posts were a great way to re-live Ramadan, something that I truly missed for 10 years now
Abufares said…
Hi Dubai Jazz
The mousahher, Aleppo & the entire country would welcome you back once you return.
I know how it feels to spend any special occasion away from family and home. Four years in a row, that's not as easy as some people might think.

Hi Karin
They would start a little after midnight and go on till about 3:00AM. They reached our street around 2:00AM. Fares was still up and waiting for them (it was his only chance this year to see the Mousahher, being a Thursday night).
You're right about the bond, the care and the special compassion shared and felt in Ramadan. Whether in Munich or in Tartous, if you've reached this mental and spiritual state, it only means that Ramadan affected you in the right way.

Hi Omar
Many people feel sad at the end of Ramadan. To be honest, I don't hate beginnings or ends when they follow their natural order. I feel one Ramadan per year is an exact spiritual dose that could carry the person on all the way to the next. I, for some reason beyond me, always considered Ramadan to be the end of my year and Al-Fitr the beginning of a new one.
It's great to enjoy both.
Anonymous said…
I used to be so scared of what we call "AlWada3" (the farewellers!) of Ramadan with their drums and things. I even used to hide under the bed, and block my ears, honest! once they had to stop them from coming to our floor because I was so scared. This was the case till I was probably 12 yrs or more! As you said, towards the last ten days, they start going to, almost, each and every house, (not just building) bidding them farewell and people would (optionally) give them tips for the chanting. The last time I saw Alwada3 was in Dec 2000. I have a video clip somewhere among my tapes, if I can find it and send to you, maybe then you can understand why I used to be scared! It is different than what your clip shows.
Anyway, another Ramadan (almost) gone by. May God accept our fasting and have mercy on us all.
Abu Abdo
Abufares said…
Hi Abu Abdo
That exaplains so much about you (the hiding under the bed). Remember how you used to freak out when we would listen to Pink Floyd HAHAHA:):):)
Always great to hear from you. I have serious PC related problems. I'll tell you all about it as soon as I can.
Anonymous said…
Talking about Pink Floyd, Roger Walters is coming to Melbourne In February to play "the most famous album" as they called it. I would like to go, but not sure about timing yet. Just heard about it this morning.
Your PC related problems are more than welcome, as long as I can help!!
Abu Abdo
Abufares said…
Abu Abdo
That will be one hell of a party. Don't miss it. AND, if you get in the right mood of "olden times" think of me :)

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