Tartous - A Quick Tour

Tartous, Syria is a quiet city on the eastern Mediterranean 248km northwest of Damascus. Combining the beauty of endless sandy beaches and picturesque mountains, Tartous is a must visit for the traveller of Syria.


Karin said…
That looks like a REAL NICE place!! I could turn green from envy when I look at the sea and imagine you can get there at any time you feel like .. and as archaeology-lover, this seems like an Eldorado to me!
Thanks so much for this "quicky"!

Your last sentence made me crack up ... ha-ha!!
Anonymous said…
Abufares, I don't know how you got so much in a 3 minute tour. It looks like paradise to me. As far as the ending I wish I could get my ass over there. I enjoyed the tour my friend.
Abufares said…
Hi Karin
I'm glad I was able to show you a little about my neck of the woods. The sea is always beautiful. To me, even more so in the dead of winter.
I'm glad you liked my last sentence. So shake it and haul it over :-)
Abufares said…
Hi Chet
Thank you for taking the time.
I had compiled a 60 min. movie about Tartous some 5 years ago as a job assignment for the ministry of tourism in Syria. A crew and I traveled for 3 days around the entire province and did the actual shooting. Then I combined my stuff with some TV material (the aerial scenes) and the whole project was quiet good at the end.
It was very challenging for me to come up with the 3 minute clip.
I'm glad you liked it.
Abufares, I love it! As a recent guest in Tartous, I can relate to the depicted scenery from a first-hand basis. I really await the day to visit you and all again.

And the Demis Roussos is a great supplement!
Abufares said…
Hi Rami

Thanks for dropping by. I, too, look forward to your next visit.
Take care.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your prayes, it has meant a lot to me and am just thankful she is ok. I hope that it woun't happen again and whatever caused her to do that will be worked out. Thank you!
Karin said…
Abu Fares,

Thanks for the tour, ya jar.
Abufares said…
Hi Abu Kareem

I'm glad you liked it. Hoping to meet one day.
moryarti said…
nice clip boss ... ya3teek el 3afieh
Abufares said…
Allah Y3afik Ya Moryarti
I'm glad you liked it.
Anonymous said…
Abu Fares El3azeem,

وقفلي و خليني بوس, هالبلوغ الروعة عن طرطوس

Tahya Tartous Elhelweh. Although my family origin is not from the city, but I was born in Tartous city and played in its streets and alleys, and burned rubber tires (when we were allowed to do it), during the childhood years of my life. We moved after to the capital, but I spent many summers in Tartous during the twenty years that followed and had fund memories there. Now, I live very faraway in this wide world and it has been many years and long time since I have been to Tartous; I miss it.

Encountering your blog caused a pride revival in me; I used to tell people I am from Syria, and never bothered explaining which city as they would never know anything about it. The Tourist Ministry and other official sites are either, inexistent, ugly, inappropriate, or just too formal for the taste of anyone to see. Now, I can direct everybody interested around me to your site and tell them, look; that is where I was born and played in the streets when I was a child. That is my home town and that is the life and food in it. You see this guy, that is how my friends there are.

Next time I visit Tartous, I promise I will bring you a present. Don’t give me your address and identity, you don’t need to meet every freak who approaches you over internet, but I will leave the present somewhere famous (a restaurant or shop) and write you on your blog where I left it so that you can pick it up.

Zarube Boy

PS; You should write and explain something about Dabkeh dance of Tartous.
Abufares said…
Dear Zarube Boy
You are most welcome to my bolg. I really appreciate your visit and your opinion which means a hell of a lot to me.
Your compliments just made me proud of my humble effort and I would love to meet with you if and when you make it back. Having a cup of coffee or a beer together (depending on your taste) is the greatest gift you can offer me.
Again thank you for the nice words. You're always more than welcome
Ascribo said…
I can feel that Tartoussi blood boiling inside me! Burning tires!!! That's too much Tartoussi!

I hope one day all the expatriates will be able to enjoy a reunion again. Hope for the best!

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