I'll Be Back

I was never a person who gets turned on by politics.

I've looked over my blog and found that ever since the recent tragic events have started in Lebanon, I have been incapable of "personally" saying anything meaningful. As thus, I have opted to totally delete the posts which I have not written myself. This is My blog and I wouldn't want the atrocities committed against my people to affect how I think and what I write. I wouldn't want despair to invade this little personal space of mine.

There are other blogs out there which deal with this miserable and dirty aspect of humanity, objectively and subjectively.

The overwhelming feeling that I have an enemy (Israel and the US Government and NOT the American People) is part of who I am, and I am neither embarrassed or afraid to let it be known. I won't loose this feeling nor withdraw this statement until there is an "honorable and just peace" in the Middle East.

When the light at the end of the tunnel shimmers, I'll be back.


Ghalia said…
We share the same enemy!
Abufares said…
I'm so glad to hear from you my friend.
Stay cool & just be yourself :-)
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I agree with what you and Ghalia have said. I do fear for the safety of Syria also. I don't like what the media in the west are saying. Everything is onesided.

May God Bless You and keep you safe from harms way.
Abufares said…
Thanks Chet
Looking forward meeting you irl.
Shannon said…
I've been reading but not commenting, and have greatly enjoyed your stories about Syria. I hope one day I can visit the places you describe.

I appreciate your comment that the US Government is not the American people.
Abu Fares,

Ya jar, I am so glad you deleted the last couple of postings. I had previously read your June 11th post(On Faith and Religion)and been moved by it and thought I had gotten a good sense of who you are. I did not recognize you in those recents posts. They were clearly written in Anger and frustration. Since June 12th, I have tried hard to restrain myself and resist this temptation especially in the face of taunting comments to some of my posts. We need to stay cool and keep our heads high.
Abufares said…
Dear Shannon

The most important people in my life are my family and friends. My best friend in the world is an American. We have a Syrian (Arabic) saying: "We have bread and salt between us", meaning of course that we've shared life, my friend and I. And this I can never not for one instance forget.
My overwhelming impression of the American people I've met is simply how good and honest folks they are.
I came of age in the US and I will never forget my happy days there.
Thank YOU for not confusing my intention, all the best to you.
Abufares said…
My Dear Abu Kareem

Anger and frustration have a terrible way of bringing one down to the abyss of depression. There are so many things a peaceful yet proud man can take, before in the end, he responds. Hate was never a part of my character but I had to lash back.
Then, I realized that my pride would be most preserved by letting my true personality prevails.
Thank you for standing up for a just cause.

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