Pictures from Saeen, Ayn Al Jawzat

I had the chance to visit, again, Saeen (Ayn Al Jawzat - Majed Restaurant) with a few friends. Well actually, I'm what you call a regular customer there since 1987. Now, and for the first time, I had the sense to take my camera and take some pictures of the view from the place. I don't need to comment anymore since the pictures speak for themselves. That's why I go there. By the way, I also happen to like the food.

For more info check my previous post "Ayn Al Jawzat"


Ghalia said…
I feel like I was there!
Abufares said…
i hope you really get the chance to see this and other beautiful places, just a "stone throw" from tartous.
Unknown said…
These are great picture to disprove the common misconceptions about Syria being a big sesert..
Abufares said…
i'll try to take as many pictures as possible during my coming outings of the countryside around Tartous.
stay tuned:-)
Anonymous said…
I love your pics. I wish you have these in 1024 X 678 format. Thanks.
Abufares said…
I promise to post my pictures from now on at 1024x768 on Flickr
Anonymous said…
This is very nice of you abufares. I hope that you keep posting beautiful pics from our beloved Syrian coast and mountains. Thanks again

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