Lunch Break in Tartous

It's early summer. The days are long, hot and humid. I leave the office and head home for my lunch break and afterward... I have a choice of taking a nap in a darkened air conditioned room or...
Kicking my old bike into life and heading east toward the hilly terrain around Tartous. With no intention, without a purpose, I make a left turn here, another right there, follow an uphill path, or chase a narrow trail down ahead.
I follow the road. I'm alone with the thumping monotonous din of the engine and surrounded by the most beautiful Godmade natural scenery anywhere in the world.
I return to my office a couple of hours later, feeling new and invigorated. I receive tired looking clients and visitors. They tell me that I look relaxed and fresh, I must've had a nice and long nap...
I'm just a lucky guy I guess.


Anonymous said…
Great pictures...Great Nature...
Omar said…
ehhh.. you brought back the memories of Nab3 7assan, nab3 el 7anan, el Khrebat, Matn el sa7el.. where did those days go??
I could almost smell the Arak, Garlic and BBQ'ed chicken legs and breasts..

I love the way you talk with passion about this area.. and the way you keep going with the flow in these mountain roads.. I wish I could go back and do that..

I love Tartous and its surroundings.. I used to spend every summer in Alrimal and go wandering around the area.. I feel that i belong there just like I belong to Damascus.. it's in my blood... the Knafeh guy next to the harbour that used to make one tray at 7.00 pm (at sunset), the "foul" place in the old city we used to have breakfast at, all those cafe's on the kornish..

keep on the good work abou Fares, I rarely comment, but I never skip one post you write.. your blog is becoming my daily fix..
thanks alot.
Abufares said…
Omar, thanx for your high opinion.
The Knafeh Guy on Al Mina St.(Abu Tarek Akra) rest his sould died a few years back. My old house was next to his shop and I used to spend my afternoons there waiting for the chicks in their light summer dresses to come and buy ice cream and Knafeh. Now his son Tharwat is in charge of the place and the knafeh is still the greatest.
The Foul place in Al Saha is still there. It's the son of Taha now who prepares the mixes. I go there every Friday morning to buy one Sa7en Mousaba7a Tartoussieh and one Sa7en of Foul. Near Bawabet Al Saha, Ferin 3ammoura still bakes the greatest Khibz Mashrou7 in the world.
I was in Nabe3 Hassan 2 weeks ago with a bunch of friends and the place is thriving and doing well under a new management. They almost ran out of Arak.
On the day I took these pictures, I returned through Khreibat. I go everyday to Rimal since I'm working on the rebuilding/remodeling of a chalet. I should deliver it finished and ready to its owner within one week.
It's obvious that you're speaking about Tartous with passion.
Again thanx for your comment. I really appreciate it.
Bridget said…
Seeing these gorgeous pictures brought back so many memories for me! Amman is too arid for my tastes sometimes - I miss that beautiful coastal scenery you captured so well in your photos.
Abufares said…
I never mean to upset my friends who are not from the coastal area of Syria. But once I cross Homs heading back to Tartous from some trip and start seeing the world in green again, my breathing returns to normal and my heart beats with joy again. I can't live without the dampness in the air (so hated by most). The sea and the hills beckon at me. I love the quietness and the solitude I can find simply by stepping out of the city limits.
Thanks for your comment, looking forward reading a new post of yours.
Fares said…
Syrian Canaries

I miss Kafroun and Al Mashta
Abufares said…
Soon, my bike should take me there and I'll bring back some pictures to refresh your memories
Emigrant said…
really i miss Tartous
i miss every stone and sand
i miss ppl and sea
hope to back soon

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