Final Countdown to the FREE Germany 2006 World Cup

You don't need to pay 1 cent to watch the World Cup.
Tune in on the following:

Name Sat Freq Sym
TSR Hotbird 11527 27500 H
SF2 Hotbird 12400 27500 H
Slov2 Hotbird 12302 27500 V
ZDF Astra1B 11954 27500 H
M6 Eutelsat 11283 27500 V

I'm watching ZDF right now in Tartous, 1 hour and 18 minutes until Zero Hour.
We have a choice of German, French and some other languages. Arabic was bought by a bunch of thugs. Put your Arabic commentary in water and drink it ART (انقعوا تعليقكم العربي واشربوا ميته).
More to follow after the Party.


Anonymous said…
indeed, it's on. rejoice people, football as it should be, for the masses.
Anonymous said…
we had to wait a longgg time to see whether ART was lying or not. they were lying. hahaha
Abufares said…
so we're watching the world cup. we didn't pay because that's how it ought to be. i feel bad for those who fell for the bluff of ART. i also feel bad that the goverments of the region went along with this scheme. a monopoly is a monopoly and there's never a good one.
by the way, we had a great party before, during and after the opening game.
Go Brazil Go!
Yazan said…
Brazil shu??? 2al brazil..

GO GO AZZURI!!!! Let's hope luck sorry, penalty shoutouts dont kill our hopes this year too...
Abufares said…
I have to say GO AZZURI too, at least since some of my Italian friends might be reading this. The only thing I don't like about them is their overly defensive style.

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