Average People

I am reading Syrian blogs. I am happy to say that there is a great variety in styles, backgrounds and opinions. We don’t want to be all “Foutouweh” students, that’s for sure.
I might be less critical than other bloggers when it comes to passing judgment on the whole Syrian situation. Sure, many would excuse me because I’m sitting right in the middle of it and can’t really let go of the voices inside my head.
In all honesty, there are many things around me that I don’t like. But if I were to remain honest, there’s no place like being home despite all the nuisances. The things I don’t like cannot be solved by the United Sates government, or any other foreign government for that matter.
I’ve been there before, in more than one place where I can “freely” speak my mind. I lived in the rest of the world for many years. I tried to bridge the gap that exists between the western mentality and ours (mine). I succeeded with those who tried from their own side to understand how we (I) think. It was a mutual effort from both parties. The success in communication was really due to the fact that there are some people out there, regardless of nationality or origin, regardless of race or religion, who are good honest folks. These people are, let’s call them for the sake of argument, average people.
Unfortunately, the average person is the least represented in the political system, any political system, democratic or despotic. The average person has no say whatsoever in the running of his or her government. So no matter what “good will” average people have on all sides, governments are not going to follow suit because they might have a totally different agenda. What I am saying is clear, although American, French, Syrian, and Chinese people can be great average human beings, their governments do not necessarily share the same moral values.
Here’s what’s bothering me though. In their attack on the Syrian government, some Syrians are paying tribute to the United States government and/or others. I understand that many expatriates feel bitter and alienated, but still, that last step they took was, in my ethical opinion, dead wrong.
I’ve also noticed another troubling undertone. It seems that the recognition of Israel is becoming more and more acceptable. This bothers me a lot. Why should we (I) accept what still is our (my) enemy. The water passing under this bridge is still very much troubled and I cannot accept normalization even if it makes me look bad in the eyes of the whole world.
I was never an “ist” meaning anything that ends with an ist, I am just an average person who was born, by chance, in this very spot. I know and understand that there might be a person, who shares many of my values and who was born there, in what I still call Palestine and what he calls Israel. Had we both been born on Mars, and our planet came under attack from the Neptunians, it’s very possible that we could’ve become brothers in arms. But here on this planet, and until we have a comprehensive and honorable peace, we are still enemies. And, I’m not talking of a weakling of an adversary. I’m talking about an apartheid government with an awesome nuclear arsenal. I would feel much better if there are no longer any weapons of mass destruction on this planet, I really do. But, and I’m not only talking about Israel, but about every other nation in the nuclear club; as long as anyone has nuclear weapons, everyone who hasn’t should.
I’d rather have fun and not get into politics really. I’m not a politically inclined man. I’m more into the joy of living. However, may be once, I should make my position clear. I don’t live on the sideline and watch the world goes by. As an average person, as an honest human being, I really want the United States government (being called nowadays: The World) to get its hand off the only home I have. Hey, President George W. Bush, get your hand off my Syria.


super hero said…
i really love the way how you describe rather sophisticated issues so easily. i am from Turkey. i remember a time, not so long ago when we were seriosly about to invade your country to take a terrorist from where he hides. i tell this just to emphasize your beautifuly written words that we might have our own conflicts, but no matter how fierce enemies we might turn into, i share the same feelings with you about the arrogant policies of USA in the region. but as a honest note, i dont feel like i can be a fierce enemy of a guy like you.
Anonymous said…
Really interesting.....thanks for sharing your thaughts,hope that one day average people will become the majority everywhere..and god bless our SYRIA
Abufares said…
To "Super Hero"
Tamam Afandem,
Thank you Neighbor for taking the time to comment.
Abufares said…
To Anonymous
My words exactly... Thanks

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