Tom & Jerry

Tom was the new kid in town. His first day at the local high school was never to be forgotten. From the moment he stepped into the hallway, everybody noticed him. He was a handsome and athletic kid. He walked tall and proud, and the fact that he was very rich enhanced his special charisma and allure. On that very same day, he picked a couple of fights just to make his point. From then on he didn't normally go about beating other kids in school, unless he had too. It was well understood that nobody should piss him off. He minded his own business most of the time and was aloof from the daily problems that went on in any school. While he dated the pretty cheerleaders, the homely girls secretly dreamt of Tommy. Guys either hated him out of jealousy or respected him out of fear. Tom gave the impression that he had a very short fuse, so it was very sensible to stay out of his way.
One day a sickly young boy by the name of Jerry arrived on the scene. He never knew his father, and his mother was killed by a ruthless maniac who had cut her to pieces in a storm of rage. News of the horrible murder spread like fire and masked the other truth, that she had been a notorious killer with blood on her hands herself. So it came about that Jerry was a victim of circumstances.
Living in foster homes for most of his life, Jerry first kept to himself then slowly inched closer to Tom. Big Tom took pity on Jerry and brought him under his wing. Together, they formed a bizarre contrast. The little fellow was unsightly to say the least. Kids either avoided him or felt sorry for him, but they sure didn't want him around. Despite his handicap, Jerry inherited his mother's deviousness and her killer's conscience. The net result was a very dangerous wolf in sheep skin.
The friendship of Tom and Jerry grew up with them. It first started as a moral obligation for Tom, who despite his bullying appearance was a decent human being underneath. Soon enough, little Jerry started providing the big guy with alcohol, drugs and porno flicks. Although Tom could've had any woman he desired, he drowned in the abyss of sadomasochism, pedophilia and necrophilia. Jerry was having a devastating influence on all kids in the neighborhood. When he started stepping on the toes of others he was almost beaten to death if not for the intervention of Tom. Later on, Jerry took the initiative and started picking fights systematically and with resilience with the solid backing and support of his big friend.
Eventually they were grown men and they came out to the real world. Everybody was afraid of Tom but it was well known that Jerry “Shorty” was the one who's pulling all the strings. He controlled the police and organized crime. Tom was Shorty's shadow and bodyguard. Dependent on his master for the support of the nasty habits he had acquired and for keeping his dark secrets in the drawer, Tom became a very dangerous and violent slave. He roamed neighborhoods anear and afar and razed them on the hint of Shorty. In the brief instances when he came out of his daze, he almost appeared to be his magnificent old self again.

Life in the city went on with a heavy burden that was Shorty. No one dared talk, everyone looked the other way.


Anonymous said…
So ?? I don't get it! What's the morale of the story??
Anonymous said…
answer: the world according to a tartoussi
Anonymous said…
I was enjoying the story as usual...So what? A stupid bully and an ugly freak got together..

Then, I realized that there's a sort of Symbolism here...

It is amazing!

Find out yourself...
Unknown said…
I smell some Syrian Politicans here..I enjoyed the story...

Abufares said…
Hi RnD
So nice of you to comment on this post after such a long time.
However, the scope of this particular article is much larger than Syria. I had global politics in mind. With that knowledge it shouldn't be that difficult to deduct whom I had in mind.
Unknown said…
Ahhhhhh.. you must have meant Thailand.. Gosh I hate that country... lol

Abufares said…
Thailand and Burma.
Bravo, you just won a round trip, all expense trip to Bengladesh.
You lucky weasel.

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