Salma Ya Salama

If you were all Arabic-speaking folks, I would only have to write the lyrics of the very beautiful song “Salma Ya Salama” by Dalida (see below) and that would’ve been it. I mean I couldn’t improve on Sayed Darwish or whoever wrote it. That would’ve saved me the trouble of making up something new and definitely less elegant, and would’ve saved you from the nuisance of having to read it all. Suffice it to say, that Dalida’s song is about a woman who’s been everywhere, enjoying her life to the fullest. But after all the coming and going, and when her first love called, she chose to come back ‘cause there’s no place as lovely to one’s heart, mind and eyes as one’s home. I’ve been away in Italy for a couple of weeks. I enjoyed every moment thoroughly. True, I was on a job assignment but I had the chance to see (again) one of my best friends and meet his wonderful family (for the first time).
Still in the back of my mind, Tartous was the harbor in the vast ocean. Like a seafarer, I love sailing but long for the haven of an old and familiar wharf. I made it back around sunset. I rolled down the window of the cab speeding through the quiet streets of my city and took a long breath. My heart was laughing as I murmured to myself, “Salma Ya Salama”.

El-Dounia El-Kebira
WeBladha El-Ketira
Laffett, Laffett, Laffett
WeLamma Nadani
7oubbil Awalani
Sibt Kolo We Git
Web7ednou Tramet
We Ghannet
Salma Ya Salama
Ro7na Wgina Bel Salama


Anonymous said…
For a long time I have been wishing to sing this song and keep singing it over and over and over.... not just sing it every few years. I would like to go back and stay back !! I guess life cannot always be easy
Mirzade said…
hi abou firas
i LOVE ur blog
kelma helwa we kelmetin helwa ya baladiii
Ghalia said…
Real to say, you've a very special blog.
Abufares said…
Thanx Ghalia
I appreciate the simple fact that you spend some of your time reading me.
Take care...
Anonymous said…
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!

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