I call on all football fans in the Arab World, Syria and Tartous to speak up against and boycott ART (the monopoly and vicious mogul). God, don’t make them full! (Allah La Yshab3hon).
ART want us to pay to watch the Number 1 sport in the world. They’ve been spreading rumors throughout their extensive campaign that nobody, absolutely nobody, can broadcast the Germany 2006 World Cup to the Middle East region but ART. They’ve been relentless in their ear-deafening crusade, even terrorizing innocent football fans with threat of prison and/or castration if they, the fans, dare watch any game without paying to ART first the unfathomable fee of 13,000 Syrian Pounds. Some poor souls have succumbed to the blackmail, but many have not.
Don’t you worry my brothers and sisters in humanity and in football, someone (probably many) will screw ART bad and broadcast the WORLD CUP for FREE. We really don’t care if we’re going to hear a German commentator or a Sanskrit one. We want to watch football and have a wild fiesta. I promise my friends here in Tartous that I’m going to throw a wild party when the Cup starts on June 9th, 19:00 local time. FREE BEER EVERYONE!
Please make yourselves heard, on your blogs and everywhere else… “ART SUCKS”.


Anonymous said…
Hey you guyz!

I did some search and I found:

You can watch world cup for free on:

ZDF: Hot Bird 5 - 13 east - Frequency: 11054 - Horizontal - 27500 - 5/6

RTL: Hot Bird 5 - 13 east - Frequency: 11054 - Horizontal - 27500 - 5/6

ARD: Hot Bird 1-6 - 13 east - Frequency 11604 - Horizontal - 27500 - 5/6

check for more at:
Yazan said…

although I'm stuck with no football anyways...

Anonymous said…
Thank God I am in the land of down under !! I get to watch it on a free-to-air channel ... but at a very late hour !! Go the Ausies!! First game for them on the 12th against Japan. cheer them on !!
Anonymous said…
I heard that ZDF and the other german channels broadcast via ASTRA and in Middle East we wont get ASTRA. If anyone find a way to watch the world cup thorugh Hotbird, please post it here and thumbs down to ART!!!

Good Luck
Abufares said…
ok we should know for sure tonight.
for now tune in the following on Hotbird:
TSR 11527 H 27500
SF2 12400 H 27500
SLO 12302 V 27500

These are working as of this time 11:10GMT 09/06/06 and they are scheduled to broadcast both games:
Germany v Costa Rica @ 16:00GMT
Poland V Ecuador @ 19:00GMT

Good Luck to US all, free spirits
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
so why can't we get ZDF and ARD on ASTRA in the middle east?
Abufares said…
we are getting ZDF and ARD on Astra(here in Tartous anyway). I'm following the games on hotbird on the swiss channels (see comment above regarding frequencies). from what i know, all the friends i've called today saw the england v paraguay game this afternoon on one either TSR2, TSI2 or SF2 (in german, italian and french.
good luck

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