Born Behind a Wall

More freedom means less security. Closer family ties mean less privacy. Having the luxury of taking an afternoon nap means there’s less opportunity around. Being able to work for and get all the material goods one aspires to ultimately means that acquiring them is more satisfactory than putting them to any good use. People who are aware of the dichotomy are prone to suffer more than the blissfully ignorant. Through suffering, however, comes enlightenment. On one hand you have the herds kept behind the fences, always thinking that it’s greener on the other side. Then, there are the well-fed, well-clothed, warm and fat wealthy few who go through life arrogantly believing that they’ve got it all.
So what happens once you break free, when you start sleeping on a full stomach. You might seek alternatives, by becoming a "green", walking on a “save-the-whales march”, donating to AIDS victims and supporting the gay movement; or you bounce back by joining some hate group, advocating ridding the world of the vermin and the poor and appointing yourself another keeper of the faith.
I was born behind a wall. I was fortunate to have the chance to jump all over the fucking world in search of greener pastures. Once you see it all you simply realize that the fence is in your mind only. It was not only built to keep you inside but to shield you from the others. I might not be able to say what I feel like saying behind my fence, but once I cross over and think I’m free, there’s no one to listen to what I'm saying anyway. So much is being loudly shouted that it all amounts to a heap of bullshit in the end. I’d rather keep my peace and have a drink on a veranda on a lazy Mediterranean evening than walk up and down 5th Avenue worrying about the next step in the ladder.
We were born to be who we are. We were never meant to shed our skin. Their way is no better than ours. Most importantly our way is no better than theirs. We share one beautiful planet in the void of space. Our differences are the ingredients of a plate of salad. They make it tasty and appealing. We might be the onions and they the tomatoes. It really doesn’t matter as long as we all adorn the damn lettuce.


Anonymous said…
You always amaze me with your style and wisdome
Abu steif
super hero said…
very well said. i think this is what people really feel like when they are really enlightened.
Anonymous said…
Full of wisdom!

Although some people may not agree, it doesn't matter...It's true in a way or another. But I think what creates "the Wall" is being born behind the Wall itself !!!

I believe that once you get a "jumper" and the chance to make an attempt, you'll find out that the Wall never exists and eventually you'll get the full range of vision! Unfortunately some people live and die behind the Wall !
Karin said…
BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the way you put things into context!!
Abufares said…
So Karin, you found one of my earlier ones.
Thank you :-)
Anonymous said…
Dear Abufares
I've been a friend of your blog for a while. I want to thank you for such wonderful entries. Your vivid description of Tartous and its surroundings has, indeed, created virtual Tartous; invited us in, and allowed us to breathe its unique special air.
However, I must confess that your writing style made me very curious about the education, life, and experiences you’ve had. Hence, I ask you to dedicate an entry to describe those sides.
Keep it up Abufares
Thank you again
Ali, a Syrian expat
Abufares said…
Dear Ali
I will post about these aspects of my life very soon. I promise.

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