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Born Behind a Wall

More freedom means less security. Closer family ties mean less privacy. Having the luxury of taking an afternoon nap means there’s less opportunity around. Being able to work for and get all the material goods one aspires to ultimately means that acquiring them is more satisfactory than putting them to any good use. People who are aware of the dichotomy are prone to suffer more than the blissfully ignorant. Through suffering, however, comes enlightenment. On one hand you have the herds kept behind the fences, always thinking that it’s greener on the other side. Then, there are the well-fed, well-clothed, warm and fat wealthy few who go through life arrogantly believing that they’ve got it all. So what happens once you break free, when you start sleeping on a full stomach. You might seek alternatives, by becoming a "green", walking on a “save-the-whales march”, donating to AIDS victims and supporting the gay movement; or you bounce back by joining some hate group, advocating r

The Thunderstorm

7:00 am today A severe thunderstorm hit Tartous. My casualty list: 1. At home A fried electronic board rendered the treadmill useless. 2. At the office: A. One USB hub B. One USB port on my laptop C. One Wireless ADSL router D. Two printers All bit the dust. What a way to start a blog.